Welcome to Hotel 5 Colonne
We are located in the city of Mirano
Just 20 km far from Venice Island!

Villa Bonvecchiato-Agostini is located in the centre of Mirano. It currently hosts an hotel and a restaurant/pizzeria. The name “5 colonne” remembers the original structure of the palace, equipped with arcade with pointed arches, supported by columns with composite capitals.

The palace has been continually renovated during the years. It’s now composed by 3 floors and presents seventeenth-century forms, characterized by arched and mullioned window. In recent renovations have emerged portions of the old building that have been highlighted as evidence of original architecture. On the west side there are two arches, lined with bricks and containing two openings with railings worked. The same architectural composition appears also on the front. In the south side, are visible arches, resting on the precious columns, now contained in glass cases. The same pattern is repeated in the original mullioned window on the main floor.

Its owners, family Agostini, have been doing their best from 1956 to provide their guests with top-quality service.